With a competitive price, the X1 provides excellent image quality with advanced imaging technology such as Pulse Inversion Harmonic, VFusion, Vspeckle.

Pulse Inversion Harmonic: For non-linear imaging, Pulse Inversion Harmonic provides improved image quality and enhanced diagnostic capabilities by reducing potential interference from the base signal.
VSpeckle: Vspeckle can automatically improve contrast and reduce speckles, haze and other artifacts based on various application requirements.
Efficient workflow.
Versatile application tools
Auto IMT: Automatically measures the thickness of the intimate medium in the area of interest and provides the measurement result in a simple, fast and accurate way.
Auto Tracking: Automatically tracks the spectrum envelope, regardless of the live or frozen state, and automatically displays the measurement items
2D Auto Follicle: With just one click, the system recognizes the ovaries in the image and automatically calculates the key ovarian/ follicle measurement items
Pview (real-time): Pview allows for an enhanced view of the relationship of anatomical structures
4D imaging: VINNO X1 offers high quality 3D/4D images with MCut function, Different views of fetal structures from different sections can increase your diagnostic confidence.
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