Ultrasound colour Doppler system VINNO E30 - professional help in diagnosis and clinical decisions.

The modern, powerful Vinno E30 ultrasound machine has an excellent price-performance ratio and provides exceptional diagnostic performance thanks to:
stunning image quality
Versatile features and functions
Intuitive and fast workflow

Innovative RF platform (a world first)

  • The revolutionary RF platform does not need coarse pre-processing and demodulation, unlike traditional ultrasound platforms.
  • The ultrasound scanner has a radio-frequency signal for calculation and processing, which allows it to acquire up to 10 times more data compared to conventional ultrasound. The advantage of this feature is the preservation of a large amount of information and the acquisition of raw accurate data for post-processing.
  • This results in much higher image quality in terms of resolution and contrast. This platform also has a higher frequency range that can be supported by sensors from 1 to 25 MHz.
  • The intuitive interface makes working simple and enjoyable.
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