The E20 is fully featured in a slim and compact design. Its utility and mobility lends itself to almost any clinical application. Its unique 3D/4D feature provides a complete obstetric solution.

  • Innovative platform, state-of-the-art technology
  • Super image quality, intelligent experience
  • Slim and compact design, highly efficient connectivity

Cutting-edge 3D/4D technology
  • MCut
  • Magic Cut
  • Free view
  • Auto NT
  • Intelligent touch panel 3D/4D control

Professional cardiology package
  • MAM (multi-angle M-mode) TD (tissue doppler)
  • TVI (Tissue velocity imaging) Color M mode
  • CWD Complete cardiac measurement package

Slim and compact design, high connection efficiency
  • Super image quality, intelligent experience
  • Rotatable and height adjustable control panel
  • Rotatable display with 19-inch LED screen
  • Pinless flat probe connection
  • Front USB port position
  • Fast connectivity: bluetooth / WIFI / LAN / DICOM3.0
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