M80 is our premium obstetric and gynecological ultrasound imaging system designed for advanced women's health care Powerful 3D/4D rendering engine

Fast and accurate volume data acquisition and rendering.

Wide range of 3D/4D tools
  • STIC (spatio-temporal image correlation)
  • HQ (high quality) 3D/4D
  • Magic Cut
  • Mcut (Tomographic imaging)
  • Inversion mode

Clean wavefront probe provides early access to detail for the discerning mother.

Probe Technology Xcen 52mm footprint, 256 element high density, broadband high frequency probe U5-15LE probe is designed for application to the female breast.

Tablet-like touch interface. Intelligent 3D/4D navigation to any angle and zoom.

Superior ergonomic design extended reach control panel and monitor can be articulated for proper ergonomic positioning. Fewer pins and flat probe connection saves more space for your knees.

Blue-tooth synchronization with mobile phone to share data with patients right the first time.
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