Aquarius (handheld)

The world's smallest handheld patient monitor. With an accurate measurement at 0.005% low perfusion index, the northern aquarius handheld monitor stands out.

Handheld patient monitor features:

  • The world's smallest and most powerful handheld vital signs monitor.
  • Accurate measurement in 0.005% low perfusion index, world-leading in motion environment.
  • Provides PI parameter (0.005%-20% perfusion index)
  • Accurate measurement in all kinds of extreme environments such as neonates and shock patients
  • NIBP adopts the SAWAA (Self-Adaptive-Waveform-Amplitude-Adjust) algorithm and the SAFD (Self_Adaptive-Fast-Deflation) algorithm.
  • Easy to operate using the 3.5″ color TFT. ID switch for up to 100 users
  • Multiple vital signs measurement parameters for optional colocation
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