Patient monitor in the intensive care unit - Taurus

The Northern Taurus multi-parameter patient monitor has been designed with intensive, coronary and neonatal care in mind. It has flexible parameter configurations for a variety of clinical environments including a 3-level alarm system, OxyCRG and selectable cuff pressure along with standard ECG, HR, RESP, NIBP, Spo2, 2 Temp, PR parameters. Suitable for any type of patient including adults, children and neonates.

Functions as a patient monitor in the intensive care unit:

  • 2.1" TFT LCD color touch screen
  • Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
  • Flexible parameter configuration for different clinical environments
  • Standard configuration of 3 ECG leads, HR, RESP, NIBP, Spo2, 2 temperatures, PR
  • Precise alert system
  • Display of up to 12 ECG leads
  • Pacemaker detection
  • ST and arrhythmia analysis
  • Multiple screen options
  • 8-hour holographic waveform display
  • 168 hour graphical and tabular trend overview with customizable size and color settings
  • Rechargeable high-capacity lithium-ion battery
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