Atlas N7

Anaesthesia unit on a trolley

15.6" TFT touch screen, integrated patient monitor.
User-friendly design interface, easy operation.
Design, swivel support arm and adjustable tilt angle.
1490 x 900 x 660 mm
Fully electronic control and electronic flow meter, precise control and accurate monitoring data.
Air ventilation modes to meet the needs of neonates, marines and adult patients.
Integrated breathing circuit with built-in heater.
Dual touchscreen display, convenient and simple control layout.
Fully electronic for flow meters (unique design), functional test: including leak and system compliance, calculation, automatic switching in case of shortage 02/N20/Air: 02*-*Air, N20-02.
Fully electronic fresh gas flow control (unique design), gas flow is measured by a preset sensor.
Electronic and mechanical flushing 02.
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