Atlas N3

Adult Anaesthesia Unit

  • 8-inch TFT display
  • User-friendly design interface
  • Dimensions: 1390 mm X 900 mm X 710 mm
  • Breathing volume 10-1500 ml
  • 6 flow tubes for 3 gases
  • Mounting in position -2 for vaporizers with aatec mounting tool
  • Metal material for obstetric circuit
  • Air ventilation modes to meet the needs of neonates, marines and adult patients.
  • Integrated breathing circuit with built-in heater
  • Fresh gas, regulatory compliance and leak compensation
  • VCV, PCV, PSV, SIMV, ACGO, manual ventilation modes
  • Alarms for incorrect installation of breathing system and soda lime canister
  • Reversible guide rails for patient monitor, support arm and injection bump.
  • Stainless steel table will withstand any chemical sterilant
  • LED lights equipped to illuminate the work area.
  • C02 shock absorber designed for manual operation.
  • Y-Pass system design provides economical carbonated lime recovery during operation.
  • Autoclavable PPSU material (up to 134 °C)
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