The near-infrared (NIR/ICG) system

The KARL STORZ Near Infrared (NIR/ICG) system provides visualization beyond the tissue surface. Near-infrared (NIR) technology allows the distribution of the fluorescent contrast agent indocyanine green (ICG) to be visualized, enabling better visualization of anatomical structures such as the bile ducts, lymphatic system, and blood vessels.

Special Features:

  • Fluorescence mode with background illumination
  • Quickly switch between white light and ICG modes using the footswitch
  • Telescopes for endoscopic and open surgical procedures (VITOM®)
  • In addition to 10 mm telescopes, 5 mm telescopes are now available (0° and 30°)
  • Optimal illumination and contrast enhancement thanks to the IMAGE1 S™ camera platform
  • Now with a new imaging option: Choice between green and blue fluorescent coloration
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