Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI

With the new reagent management system, Sakura sets new standards for reliability, safety and convenience in traditional tissue processing, delivering the 6th generation of its industry-leading Tissue-Tek VIP® technology.

With a reagent management system that includes 10.8L bulk containers, reagent and paraffin transfer, automatic paraffin wax disposal, solution manager and truly intuitive software, Sakura continues to exceed what you expect from the latest generation of traditional tissue processors by making the system easier to use, with increased user safety, while not compromising high quality processing and reliability.

Adding unparalleled features to the most reliable traditional tissue processor will bring increased value to your lab's process and operations. The Tissue-Tek VIP 6 AI vacuum infiltration processor offers you:
  • The security of gold standard technology
  • Proven protocols delivering the highest quality results
  • Exceptional patient, specimen and staff safety
  • Exceptional reliability and longevity
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